Here in this article, we will look at three things you can do right now in The Sandbox.

    1. Dum-Dungeon Yz’s

    The entire public can experience this, and it can be accessed through the Hub. When you enter the Dungeon through the portal, you are greeted by an NPC. The NPC gives you a sword that you can use to slay monsters. Before you can use your sword, you must equip it by going to your inventory.

    Once you’ve equipped the sword, speak with the Metaverse Guide to begin the Alpha quest. Following your conversation with the guide, a point of interest will appear on your map. To complete the quest, navigate to the marker on your map.

    The main feature of the Dungeon is a parkour course and logic challenges that are relatively simple to complete. Make sure to collect the chest at the end of the second challenge, which rewards you with a bronze breastplate and gives your character defence points.

    Overall, Dungeon of Dum-Yz demonstrates The Sandbox’s game mechanics like fighting and movement. The RPG aspect of the game is unparalleled in other Metaverse projects, and I strongly advise you to check it out.

    2. NFT Institute

    The NFT Institute is a cutting-edge NFT museum housed in a stunning building with glass ceilings. When you arrive at the museum, speak with the Metaverse guide to begin your Alpha quest. If you want to complete the quest, navigate to the three points of interest on your map.

    Everyone should see the museum’s awesome NFT collections. A Snoop Dogg’s stage is on the bottom level. At the same time, Snoop Dogg performs NFT-themed songs on the scene.

    3. XYZ Club

    Club XYZ is a virtual nightclub that includes the main stage with Deadmaus and a lower level with a bar. When you arrive at Club XYZ, speak with the Metaverse guide to begin your alpha quest. Navigate to the four points of interest on your map to complete the quest.


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