An ERP platform for a leading New Zealand sportswear manufacturing and marketing company.

What we did

  • Daily business activities have been transformed into system processes.
  • High security protocols for the system backend.
  • Special attention was given to potential system expansions from the blueprint itself.
  • Designed for agile requirement adoptions.
  • Big data handling.

Technologies used

  • NodeJs
  • AngularJs
  • AWS Services

Case study

SAS Sports is one of the most successful sportswear brands in New Zealand. Initially, SAS approached the Redot team in creating a far more advance, yet very user friendly real-time platform for their ordering process. Once it is completed, both the teams realized the potential of developing the project to a Full ERP solution. Redot team started the initial feasibility study in collaboration with the SAS team adding the first development to the system taking manufacturing in to the system. Gradually, Designing, accounting and finance were added to the system.

Where we are now?

Team was able to identify the potential and in the process developing a fast and user friendly ERP solution for the company in a very short time period.