To create a Crypto currency trading platform mainly targeting Indonesia.

What we did

Create a platform for,

  • Instant Rupiah deposit. Instant purchase of digital assets. Instant gratification.
  • Separation of funds. The wallet is safe. Strong procedure.
  • Digital currency wallet that securely stores your digital assets
  • Digital asset wallet is supported by Market Leader Bitgo. Most of the funds are kept securely in an offline wallet.

Technologies used

  • NodeJs
  • AWS
  • CDN
  • ReactJS

Case study

Redot team was briefed by Tokocrypto on developing a Crypto currency trading platform mainly targeting the Indonesian nationals. As specially requested by the client, platform was built with the latest technologies such as ReactJs and use of the most prominent security protocols available in the world. Platform was built following four basic principles as requested by the client,

  • Easy – Register and start investing
  • Simple – Built by investors for the investors
  • Instant – Instant rupee deposit, purchase of digital assets and gratification
  • Secure – Sophisticated security protocols.

Also Tokocrypto is designed to facilitate selling and purchasing of all kind of well-known digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Neo, Cardano and Swipe. Network is linked with the indonisian bank system and facilitate instant conversion of digital assets into Indonesian rupiah. Asset store is shenduled to be launched to the public by the 8th of April 2018.

Where we are now?

Team could successfully develop Tokocrypto, aims to be the Southeast Asia’s leading exchange for digital assets by providing customers with an easy, simple, instant, and secure platform to transact with confidence.