Our family is our strength

Our family during the day time!

We like to challenge the ideas of the norm to create unique, solution based websites in order to maximise your online presence.

What makes us more than another office

Redot Global puts an extraordinary amount of effort when interviewing candidates to insure that all employees fit the “culture”. As well, there is a ton of emphasis placed on Leadership, Trust, Integrity, Teamwork, Synergy and “giving back”. We lead with our hearts but also with an urgency to “Get Things Done”. We are accountable and respectful all at the same time.

We are our second family

Enthusiastic and encouraging management that aligns employee’s individual goals with the company’s overall direction is another factor that we consider very important to make a company a great place to work. Redot Global provides an environment that encourages open lines of communication, visibility across the organization and most importantly a place where you can pursue one’s individual interests. Fostering an environment that encourages a common goal of doing the right thing for the customer and making them successful.

No one gets left behind

Culture plays a vital role in the success of a company. At Redot, our culture creates commonalities between employees and brings them closer to work as a single team. Since management sits in the open with no doors or locks, it makes them available to the needs of their employees all of the time.

Why get stressed

Redot Global not only encourages us to work hard but also enjoy the company of those we work with. Gaming competitions, a beer bash, a junk food night are a few perfect ways to wind down at the end of the week and have a good time meeting fellow employees. It brings everyone together where they can share their thoughts and get ready for the week ahead.

We never get bored

We have never felt any hesitation to go and engage with our peers, members from other teams or management when in need, and the culture at Redot encourages this collaboration. This open culture is effective and efficient.