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Importance of SEM

Did You Know In Q2 2023 Companies Around the Globe spent $58.1 Billion on Search Adverts?

The latest earnings released by Alphabet show search advertisements accounted for the majority, 58.1% of The Internet Giant’s revenue. Business leaders are eager to embrace Google Ads Management because it fertilises revenue growth and has many powerful benefits to offer like the following!

Targeted Reach

If you wish to capture the attention of a particular type of audience but are struggling to seize their engagement search advertising can be your reliable fishing rod! 

More Sales

By catching the attention of potential consumers, this tool will shower your website with a mountain of traffic, which will then result in an immediate surge of sales!

Visible outcome

Tired of seeing microscopic gain even after spending a fortune on marketing? Fear not! Google Ads Management is guaranteed to impress you with visible sales

Faster Results

Do snails move faster than your revenue meter? Keep your worries and old-fashioned tactics aside because search advertisements are the key to gaining faster results.

Does Your Budget Get Gobbled Up With Fewer Sales In Turn?

Seeing your funding go down the drain without effective advertising is harmful to your online marketing endeavours. When good direction is absent, your investment may target incorrect keywords and unrelated demographics. 

But! With proper Google Ads Management, you can succeed in ad campaigns and reach the right audience, leading to relevant clicks and a return of your budget.

To harvest more sales it’s important to implement a satisfactory strategy, that exposes you to your desired audience and improves conversions. 

Gain More Business Benefits & Profits By Welcoming Google Ads Management

When managed with precision and care search advertisements help you explore a river of fortune! 

Astonishingly it works as a devoted butler that allows specific targeting and automatically shows your online campaigns to relevant consumers who are actively on the hunt for similar products.

This instant attention plus visibility yields high-quality traffic to your sites, which when further optimised with SEO can delightfully increase organic search rankings.

The combo of Google Ads Management and SEO fuels your online presence, enriching brand visibility. With accurate strategies, your investment can generate a steady flow of returns while generating stuffy bags of profits.

Tadaa! Here’s A Jaw-Dropping Surprise!

We Manage Your Online Presence For FREE

We Are The 360 Professionals In Google Ads Management


Search ads

Search ads come in handy when you wish to display your valuable offerings to a wide audience. Through magically yet professionally targeting potential leads we help to drive traffic and flourish conversions.


Shopping ads

You can get visually binding Shopping ads that are specifically curated by our search advertisement experts. While creating an enchanting shopping experience for customers be ready to witness a quick drive in sales.


Video ads

Video ads take the attention of browsers through stunning storytelling narratives. Our specialists help you in sharing messages, raising brand awareness and connecting buyers emotionally through effective advertising.


Display ads

Display Ads are perfect for picturing eye-catching content across the web to reach a diverse population. Our Google Ads Management team can support you in building recognition and increasing overall sales through these initiatives.

Meet Our Google & Bing Certified Advertising Experts

Work together with our team of certified experts, accredited by top-grade search engines. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they deliver outstanding digital marketing solutions, ensuring your online presence is in capable hands.

Let Us Show You The Real Power of Ad Management Strategy

JJ Gold


For JJ Gold Jewellery, our targeted PPC campaigns have revolutionized their marketing strategy. By harnessing advanced targeting techniques and fine-tuning ad expenditure, we’ve significantly boosted the brand’s online presence. Our detailed analysis and innovative ad designs have resulted in a marked increase in traffic and sales conversions. Additionally, our experts reconfigured Google Analytics to track user journeys, implementing crucial website adjustments to enhance the conversion rate by demonstrating the impactful synergy of precise advertising efforts and high-quality offerings.






conversion rate optimized

Spice Up Your Marketing Game With Redot Global’s Professionals!

Cultivate 3 Marketing Superpowers To Get More Sales & Leads


SEO Marketing

SEO is the antidote for all your marketing pains! Improve keywords, content and user experience to climb up the tough mountain of search engine marketing


Google Ads

Search advertising is a mighty platform for any business. Don’t back down, tackle your visibility issues and targeted campaign problems with these powerful features.

megaphone (1)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a brainy approach to increase lead engagement. It is your ace card that drives revenue and the tool that offers you the limelight!

In This Digital Era, Google Ads Management Is Your Trustable Ally, 24/7 Inspiring You With Every Click!


Powerful Google Ads Strategy


More Return of ads spend


Google cetified experts

Do You Know Retargeting Can Increases Conversion Rates From 161% to 400%???

Took your breath away, didn’t it? Retargeting adverts are proven to be invaluable in fanning the fire of profit generation if handled expertly through Google Ads Management.

By meticulously focusing on customers who have previously engaged with your brand or taken a sneak peek at your website, retargeting sparks their interest! Then these adverts act as powerful reminders, carrying potential leads one click away from conversion.

The miracle of retargeting is rooted in its capability to revolve around a warm audience that is already familiar with your merchandise. This boosts the likelihood of perfect sales and more lead generation!  

Hey! Don’t Miss Your Chance For FREE PPC Management

Hey! Don’t Miss Your Chance For FREE PPC Management

To succeed in the thrilling game of online advertising, Google Ads Management is the lucky charm you need! Let Redot Global’s FREE search advertising services make your online presence go viral!

Our team is assembled to optimise your advertisement movements, monitor performance and guarantee a delightful amount of ROIs finds your way.

While our professionalism adds a little bit of seasoning to your marketing agendas, you can garner more traffic and boost conversion WITHOUT having to bear additional sky-high expenses.

A Brief Q & A To Cleanse Your Doubts

A Google Ads Management agency such as Redot Global is where experts are! We eat, sleep, and breathe SEM techniques Ad placement, Ad targeting, and SEM campaigns, so you don’t have to become a digital Shifu overnight. 

Working with experts like us allows you to stop stressing over headache-inducing matters like keywords and bidding. Our pros handle the heavy lifting while you do what you do best with other tasks.

SEM can increase your online visibility, drive targeted traffic to your website, and generate leads or sales. It offers measurable results and allows for precise targeting.

Google Ads Management is a group effort. Working solo will only garner you bitter lemons and unwanted results. However, making an alliance with our agency will get you sweet results, more clicks, and many many more customers.

As the saying suggests, “The finest treasures in life often come with a hefty price tag,” at times, SEM services are no exception. However, keep in mind that this cost reflects the expertise, time, and dedication that professionals put in, as well as the utilisation of specialised tools, all with the potential for substantial returns in the form of boosted website traffic and revenue.

We typically offer services such as keyword research, ad campaign creation and management, ad copywriting, bid management, performance analysis and much much more!

Our Google Ads Management service looks for specific words or phrases that people are likely to type into search engines when looking for products or services like yours.

We choose these words to make sure your presence is shown to the right audience, increasing the chances of getting more customers.

We use important numbers like how many people clicked your campaigns, how many of those clicks turned into customers, and how much money you make compared to what you spend on advertising, to see how well your campaign is doing.

Yes of course! Ongoing optimisation is a crucial aspect. We continually monitor and adjust campaigns to improve results, ensuring your budget is used effectively.

Remember this heavily depends on your business goals, industry competition, and target audience. Our Google Ads Management heroes can help determine an appropriate budget based on your objectives.

SEM can make you more money than you spend on Google Ads Management, but it does rely on various factors. With the help of an experienced expert like Redot Global, you can make your advertisements work better to get the most value for your money.

Service Excellence

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Central Park Puppies

Very professional work. Fast, responsive and responsible. Definitely will recommend for future work required.

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Nice piece of work by your team. Well done!

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