Predictions are frequently self-fulfilling. Hence, we’ve focused on five web design trends that will nourish in 2022. Well, there are no guarantees, but if are ready in advance and if these events occur, we would be well prepared for 2023.

    Blockchain Technology

    Blockchains underpin the bitcoin sector. They are a set of data that can be added to but not altered or destroyed. Consider it data versioning.

    Like most technologies, the first wave was a quick buck. The intriguing aspect is the blockchain technology itself and its transformational nature. For example, MSF apparently saves medical records of migrants on the blockchain.


    Even before world events devolved into a never-ending barrage of bad news, the moment had come for dreary, corporate, geometric sans-serif design.

    We incorporated gradients, personality, and humor. And, contrary to conventional business reasoning, we continue to make money. Designers and developers have made enormous efforts in recent years to study, test, and support accessibility. It has resulted in inclusive design is no longer relying on the lowest common denominator. You can be experimental in 2022 without impeding 10% or more of your users.

    Going green

    Green has the same visual weight as blue and is significantly more adaptable. It has been grossly neglected in digital design.

    Green has a strong cultural connection to the environment. At a time when internet businesses are keen to highlight their ethical credentials, marketing firms will certainly start recommending a brand color shift to green as a quick fix for all those dumped chemicals, strip mines, and plastic-filled seas.

    We’ve already seen earthy tones gain popularity. Neons are popular at the opposite extreme of the vibrancy spectrum. Green encompasses both techniques, with hues ranging from soothing sages to acidic neons. If you’re looking for a color to capture the moment in 2022, look to green.

    Hero Text

    The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been tested. The issue is that sites increasingly use stock photos, so the 1000 words we get may not accurately represent our message.

    In 2022, a few well-chosen words will outperform a hero image, with huge hero text taking precedence. The inclination of organizations to explore beyond the geometric sans-serif to a more expressive type of typography is one such small trend.

    Almost everyone agrees on massive hero text replacing images, which nearly means it won’t happen. Still, this seems to be the way we’re going in 2022.

    Bring the noise

    Unexpectedly, a renewed affinity to nature has emerged in recent years. Nature’s effortless complexity captivates. Gradients have already gained popularity — there are no flat colors in nature — and the next logical step is the inclusion of the noise.

    Noise, in visual terms, is the gritty texture that sits so well in vector images. For years, noise has been in and out of fashion, limited a little by the increase in file size it causes. Noise, on the other hand, is now usable on production sites becaofe to the WebP and Avif file types.

    When designing in 2022, when in doubt, make some noise.


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