Web Developers are the pioneers in tech innovation. At Redot Global Technologies, we’re no different. We’re constantly updated about the latest trends used for web development. The significance of these trends is that you can build a functional site and make sites more SEO friendly by following them. According to our analysis, some web development trends will become prominent in 2022.

    Trending Technology for Web Development

    1. Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots

    The key reason why an increasing number of developers have chosen to implement AI technology is that it enables the construction of virtual assistants that communicates and assists sites visitors. It also allows for conducting and gathering analytical data that you can use to develop the website and market it better across all search engines.

    Chatbots interact with site visitors and answer their queries. When the customer engagement rate is high, the site ranking will also improve. Chatbots can connect with customers on a nearly human level and are well suited to help site visitors with numerous concerns.

    By 2022, roughly 70 per cent of websites are expected to utilize this technology that will let users acquire the information they need in only a few messages. AI is also strongly reliant on Machine Learning, and the expected AI yearly growth rate between 2020 and 2027 is 33.2 per cent.

    1. Using voice navigation and control

    People are interested in rapid finds and fast searches in the fast-moving world. Market leaders such as Google and Yandex realize that people demand access to information instantly. People prefer saying a few phrases on their phones than typing it up. Hence the inclusion of voice control will cut this process to a minimum.

    1. Implementing PWA and AMP apps

    PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) apps have become well-known tools for developers. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web programs that are capable, dependable, and installable. These three pillars elevate them to the level of a platform-specific application. PWAs allow website content to adapt to the phone’s size, hence producing a far better UI/UX layout. The extra plus is that page loading performance stays as high as it would be on a fixed PC. Since there is an overwhelming inclination to browse websites from mobile devices, this is particularly critical for user retention.

    If the website consists of animations and video content, AMP is more compatible than PWAs. By using an AMP, you can still make all your material available to site visitors on mobiles devices while at the same time preventing overload.

    1. Establishing a foundation based on serverless architecture

    Why make the switch to serverless architecture? Mainly because it streamlines several operations. Specifically, the serverless design eliminates data loss and adds to the website not being overloaded. Rather than using servers, computations are performed using cloud resources.

    As a result, web developers gain a substantial competitive advantage. They can now reduce their budget for project development and ongoing technical support while increasing the website’s flexibility and adaptability.

    1. One-pagers

    SPA, aka single page application, is another trend that relates to both user convenience and process simplification. They simplify site navigation by focusing on a single type of content on a single page. This is convenient for users because it simplifies searching for anything.

    The primary example is the online merchants and platforms that offer various services quickly adapt the SPA approach and utilize it to create information blogs or product listings. It enables site developers to avoid difficult navigation or a vast menu and instead present their consumers with a clean and straightforward interface on mobile devices.

    Significant takeaways for 2022 in Web Development

    All of these trends will keep you one step ahead of the competition by making essential changes to improve the site’s appearance. Redot Global development team has already started implementing these improvements to ensure that we are ready to go in 2022.


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