Search engine optimization cannot be ignored, especially nowadays, when it comes to website visibility. Businesses take assistance from experts to improve their SEO and rank high on search engines. Your site could be hosted on a shared or dedicated server; you should use SEO to get it on the first page of search results and increase website traffic. These SEO strategies won’t guarantee top rankings, but they’ll help search engines and people find your site.


    Use of primary and secondary keywords 



    Any excellent SEO approach starts with keyword research. Knowing how to use keywords correctly might help you create content that draws more visitors. Therefore, it is crucial to identify your page’s primary and secondary keywords.

    Your top keyword drives your content. It is advised to pick one primary keyword per page, and it should relate to your page’s theme, products, and services. The task entrusted with secondary keywords is supporting your main topic. Most likely, there will be multiple secondary keywords per page. They are frequently more granular than the main keyword and indicate subtopics covered throughout an article. Include them as naturally as possible in your text, but don’t force them if they don’t fit.

    There are multiple free and paid tools that you can use to identify the ideal secondary and primary keywords for your content and they will increase website traffic.

    Create Unique, High-Quality Content 


    It is essential to have original and comprehensive content on your website to grab readers’ attention and retain them. Original content allows you to connect with your audience and show them where you are good at and what you are promoting. Furthermore, Google’s search algorithms are geared to find unique information. Good SEO and original content are likely to improve searches.

    Your content should be comprehensive. The material you publish should answer every question a user might have about a particular issue. It makes you stand out as the alpha for a specific subject. You can use a content template to write better content. It will also analyze high-ranking rival content for your chosen term and recommend improvements.

    The conclusion is that original content has long-term value and will increase website traffic. Consider topics that will provide long-term value to your readers without frequent updates.


    Optimize Your Content for Search Engines and Use Featured Snippets


    If you want your content to perform effectively, make sure it answers your audience’s questions. An excellent strategy to achieve this is targeting featured snippets.

    Google’s featured snippets are appearing at the top of search results. These snippets are supposed to answer queries without the users having to leave the page. They come before numbered marks, making them highly visible and helpful. They’re also called SERP features.

    To grab these positions on search results, you must target them with what you produce. Even if you don’t feature on a snippet, your tactics can boost your content’s SEO and increase website traffic.

    Remove Slowly Loading Content




    Page load time affects user experience and directly impacts SEO as well. It is for sure that a slow loading page increases bounce rates. One of the three Core Web Vitals, loading speed is a ranking criterion. Google PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool that rates your desktop and mobile page speed, and it is free.

    If your page is loading slowly, try to recognize those elements slowing it down. Do you have unnecessary plugins on your page? Remove them to speed up your page. The Site Audit tool may check your site for these and other issues and poor loading times, HTTPS implementation, markups and Core Web Vitals, Site Audit checks for broken links and more. You can use it with PageSpeed insights to ensure your site is fast.


    Use a combination of internal and external links


    Practical usage of internal and external connections can increase user experience and credibility. These links should ideally lead to meaningful information.

    Internal links take visitors to different pages on your website. They aid search engine crawlers in finding your content and make sure the visitors are spending more time on your site.

    External links are hyperlinks that take the user to another website. You can use them to link to websites that have high-quality, authoritative content on the subject of your article. Remember to check your external links before including them, as linking to low-quality content can harm your website’s reputation.


    Examine Your Competitors


    You and your most significant competitors probably create similar content and target similar audiences. Analyzing your competitors’ websites can teach you effective content mediums and inspire new content ideas. Therefore, it is crucial to identify your main competitors. The Market Explorer tool can track the main competitors in your niche and their traffic. The Traffic Analytics tool may show you your competitors’ traffic sources and channels. At last, use the Organic Research tool to see their top-performing pages in organic search.


    Improve the Title and Meta Description of Your Page


    These two elements may be the first things your audience sees. These alone may sway users to click or bypass your website. Those few words have a lot of power, so make them count.

    Usually, the platform where you host your website allows you to alter the page title and meta description. WordPress, for example, provides “SEO title” and “meta description.

    Understand what video can bring to the table

    Shilpa Shah, the co-founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions, believes some marketers neglect video marketing’s potential. Quality over quantity is one of Shilpa’s top SEO tips: having more indexed pages doesn’t always imply more organic traffic.

    To focus on significant material that is engaging and makes each reader want to read the entire piece, she advises blog owners to remove shallow entries with low word counts or superficial information.

    Video content also has untapped potential for SEO and user engagement. Your consumer may watch a 1-minute movie but not read your 100-word essay. Online video is huge and will only grow. Cisco predicts that by 2022, online video will account for 80% of all traffic. Despite the abundance of video content, 43% of respondents want MORE!

    Increase User Engagement


    Pages should be updated, and new posts should be created to improve engagement. Here are some fantastic techniques to increase user engagement.

    – Make your writing easy to read – Whitespace, headings and relevant graphics are used in the content to make the page easier to consume and increase the user’s time on the page.

    – Use LSI keywords and address any questions that viewers may have. Offering merely the content a user seeks is no longer sufficient. Pages must provide more information to users. Providing extra information helps retain users and tells search engines that the page’s content answers the search query and adds value.

    – Provide multiple methods to consume content. Imagery, infographics, video, and text will engage readers and keep them interested in the information.


    Optimizing the content for voice search


    Express Writers creator Julia McCoy promotes continued voice search optimization. Voice search became a huge SEO trend in 2018, and McCoy predicts it will continue as voice search technology improves and becomes more accessible.

    Use geo-targeted keywords if it makes sense for your brand, and it comes under local search optimization. It is essential if you are a local business or have a local target audience. More than half of internet users use voice search; thus, producing high-quality voice search optimized FAQs can help your content rank and increase website traffic.


    Running Audits


    How often are you running an audit if you maintain a website? Auditing your website allows you to uncover faults and glitches that damage your search engine ranking.

    A site audit will assist you in identifying SEO issues hurting your website’s exposure. Both free and premium programs are available that can provide you with a complete site audit.

    At the same time, you can use Google Search Console to see your website’s performance and technical difficulties. SEO tools like Screaming Frog and Deep crawl will help you provide more detailed website evaluations. That software makes performing an SEO audit for optimization easy and that will eventually increase website traffic.



    The impacts that backlinks can have on SEO are well-known by the pundits. Quality backlinks are required to rank on Google easily. Backlinks are external links pointing to your website. Google says it’s a voting count and a trust symbol. Because backlinks are difficult to obtain, Google uses them to rank your content and website. As a result, Google tends to give your site a higher ranking on SERPs.

    What is an unethical SEO strategy? For example, paying for links or exchanging items for links is an unethical SEO link development strategy. Website owners cannot avoid black hat link building practices that result in shadow penalties.

    Like backlinks, good mentions on other websites help your website rank on SERP. To build a citation, other websites must reference your name or website. You can use this SEO approach to improve your Google rankings and increase website traffic.


    Schema Markups


    Schema Markups give search engines extra information about your page. Imagine schema markup as data you share with Google to comprehend your page’s content better. Recipe, how-to, FAQ, and review schema are frequent schema markups.

    Verify your schema usage. Supposing your schema code isn’t correct could negatively impact your page’s ranks.


    Topical Authority

    A topical authority is one of Google’s 10,000+ ranking signals. So Google serves the most excellent content from a related domain, not just any website. If you want higher search rankings, you must cover specific or similar material on your website. Publish content relating to your website’s main topic.

    It is among the most excellent SEO tactics to rank on Google quickly and increase website traffic


    Last Word

    Search engine optimization is a complex and ever-changing aspect of digital marketing. SEO strategies that work today may not work tomorrow. Using the white hat SEO tactics described in this blog will help you rank higher on Google, YouTube, and other search engines and increase website traffic.



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