To create an air bnb like market place for the talent market.

What we did

  • Mobile first responsive UX design
  • Development of a large-scale API-driven single page application
  • Performance optimization
  • Real time messaging

Technologies used

  • NodeJs
  • AngularJs
  • AWS
  • CDN
  • Circle CI

Case study

Redot team was given the challenge of creating an online market space for talent hiring in 2015 March. After an intense research done by the team in collaboration with the Singapore team few of the crucial factors were identified in the industry.

  • Online market places are growing around the globe rapidly in the service sector.
  • Blue ocean for an online talent market place.
  • Opportunity of using the latest technologies such as NodeJs, AngularJs

With the findings of the research the team presented an outstanding digital plan for the way forward of Effro, empowered by latest technologies with main objective of developing an Air BnB type of a digital platform for Effro. Along with the approvals the team started building an effective platform where both the talent and the talent hunter can easily communicate with each other and the needs will be met.

Where we are now?

Key success of this project is creating an online talent market place where the venders can register their portfolio and customers can easily pick according to their needs with an effective multi-end communication.